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A space to rest

Your life is a busy one; time to yourself is always in short supply. You’re busy going here and getting there, planning this and attending that. When it’s all said and done, when you slow down, when the dinner party is over, when the golf course has taken you apart or you’ve broken the course record, when you’ve been busy all day seeing all that County Clare has to offer, when it’s time to turn out the light, you want to make sure your night will be a restful one.

Snuggle down or cosy up with your goose down duvet; lay your head gently on your pillow; let the crisp Egyptian cotton cosset you. Tomorrow is another day of endless adventures or possibly endless relaxation - the choice is yours. For now, it’s time to sleep, time to dream and time to rest.

Your dreams are all you need; nature takes care of the rest. The restful sounds of nature will lull you to sleep; the soft sounds of the Atlantic Ocean carry you away.

When morning comes, you gently awaken as the birds will reappear to share their songs and cows will bellow their conversation in the nearby pasturelands, all of them part of your day but entirely oblivious of their participation. Nature plays a remarkable role in your restfulness in everyday life. But in the serene silence of Doonbeg, your awareness of nature’s role in your life is heightened.

You’ll awake in your peaceful rest space – rejuvenated and ready for the day ahead.