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Massage Treatments

The White Horses Spa has seven massage treatments designed to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind and restore your sense of well being.

The Voyager Massage is ideal after a long journey and for combating jetlag. With a heated compress of aromatic oil soothing the body, combined with palm pressure and thumb rolling to relieve tired muscles.  This massage ensures a restful night’s sleep to awaken refreshed.
60 minutes 

The Irish Accent Swedish Massage is a classic relaxing massage with aromatic essential oils which eases sore muscles, releases tension and leaves you with an idyllic sense of relaxation.
60 minutes

Deep Tissue Massage is recommended for golfers. A combination of massage manipulation and neuromuscular techniques in addition to a heat pack helps relieve muscle soreness and stiff joints.
30, 60 and 90 minutes

The Basalt Stone Massage uses massage with essential oils and warm oiled basalt stones. The warm stones are placed with pressure on key points of the body to ease sore muscles, increase circulation and give a profound physical sense of relaxation.
90 minutes

The Burren Wilderness Massage is White Horses signature full body massage. It was awarded the Best Spa Treatment in Ireland in 2012. Inspired by the landscape of the nearby Burren and designed to warm and soothe your body and soul. (Irish Tatler awarded this the Best Spa Treatment in Ireland in 2012.) This signature massage includes a hot towel seeped in wildflower oils being placed along your spine to radiate warmth throughout your body and soothe your muscles. Hot stones are gently placed between your toes and your feet are wrapped in warm booties. Hands are gently massaged with oils and cocooned in warm mittens. Pamper yourself from head to toe.
90 minutes

The Voya Seaweed Hot Stone Massage uses organic aromatic oils for gentle massaging. Certified organic seaweed leaves are placed all over your body and heated stones are then placed on the seaweed leaves. Heat has a twofold benefit, it releases the beneficial properties of the seaweed which nourishes the skin as well as relaxing the muscles themselves. So give your body a unique seaweed treat.
75 minutes