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Seasonal Foods

Food is the fuel that drives us. What we eat, in part, defines our outlook on the world and the availability of different types of food will energize us in different ways. One of the ways in which different foods become available is through seasonal change. In winter we might appreciate the solid, assuring textures of an oven-roasted beef joint accompanied by the rosy comfort of a glass of red wine. In complete contrast, the heat of summer brings about the feather-light zest of citrus fruits, perhaps in the form of a lemon sorbet or raspberry coulis, to refresh the palate and ward off the thirst-inducing effects of the sun at its hottest.

At Doonbeg we know how to tailor our menus to suit the characteristics of spring, summer, autumn and winter. We want you to be able to taste the wonders of nature that you see, hear and feel around you as the climate changes over the course of a year. Hopefully you can join us at some point in the next twelve months and see how we react in the kitchens to the changing of the seasons.