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Welcome to the village

There are few things more interesting than a small Irish village. Generations of families make it what it is. Derived from Dun Bheag, meaning “the small fort”, Doonbeg is a small village which formed around Doonbeg Castle in the 16th century. Today the remaining walls of the castle anchor the village as the Doonbeg River slips quietly by. Modern day Doonbeg is famed for its sandy beaches, three wonderful restaurants and five pubs, each with their own quaint character and style.

Sport plays an active part in the community. The local team, known as the “magpies”, has been in many regional and national football finals. Whomever you chat with over a pint, you can be sure “the game” is never far from the conversation.

Doonbeg Village hosts a number of community events throughout the year including music, food, drama and regatta festivals. Doonbeg offers something for everyone, and is home to people who you will come to know as your friends.

Everyone’s your neighbour, all are your friends. Small villages make great communities. There’s a great sense of pride among the people of Doonbeg toward their village. A pride that is evident in every little thing they do.

When you visit, pull up a barstool and find out the news of the day from one of the locals.

Great food, pints of Guinness and heartfelt stories make Doonbeg a place to call home, a place you will call home, a place you will come home to.