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Your new front lawn

Peeking out of Ireland’s rugged south west coast, County Clare is unique. Unspoiled natural beauty, rolling hills, a coastline with spectacular panoramas across the Atlantic Ocean as far as the eye can see, and an innate charm set Clare apart as a destination like no other. It’s personal, it’s engaging and it’s enchanting. Thousands of years of history are relived in stories, seen in buildings and recounted in songs.

Clare’s charm comes from the locals, the traditions of Irish music and dance, quaint villages, colourful small shops and laid back living! No matter where you visit in County Clare, you’ll find a small pub with friendly locals within. When you visit, they’ll get to know your name and they’ll share with you their history and traditions. County Clare is somewhere you can immerse yourself in Irish culture easily and where the people will become your friends.

We find ourselves always wanting to connect with people and places. Some places connect with you instantly and won’t let go! There is something about County Clare, something which can’t be explained that will bring you back again and again. You’ll feel yourself there. You’ll love spending time there. It’s “your place”. It’s County Clare.

These days “time” is precious to us all and something we all wish we had more of. County Clare has a strange ability to make time slow down, to make the good things in life more enjoyable, to make it seem like all that matters is the special time you spend with friends and family on Ireland’s south west coast.